A Bit of History

The name Thornley & Knight has a rich history that is hundreds of years old (Early 1797). It is the family name of our founder Francesca Thornley, and the moniker of her grandfather’s company in England that painted carriages in the 1800s — including those for the royal family. This business was a way to protect the well being of the family, and he poured all of his hard work and dedication into it. Always known as a “people person,” he believed in fostering trusted business relationships, pacting with honesty and treating all people with respect. This approach kept Thornley & Knight thriving, even after World War Two had devastated the country. Eventually, the business ran its course and closed its doors, after 180 years in business.

Looking to preserve this precious piece of family history, Francesca adopted the company name for her own accounting, planning and financial management firm as an homage to the legacy of Thornley & Knight.

Our Founder

Francesca Thornley was born and raised in Worcester, England and has been living in California since 2006. After earning Associates in Science degrees in Business, Business Administration & Accounting, and a Certificate in Bookkeeping from Monterey Peninsula College, she started her own company while also growing her family. Over the past several years, Thornley & Knight has expanded to employ other women who are also raising children, while providing stellar accounting, planning and financial management services. Francesca is passionate about sharing a flexible work environment that allows her staff to meet both the needs of their clients and their families, without sacrificing either one! In her downtime, you will find Francesca running on the trails near her house, or adventuring in South Lake Tahoe with her children.

What Our Clients Say

Dan Green

OMG Media Group, Inc.

Monterey, CA

“I have worked with Thornley & Knight, Inc. since their inception, and we continue to receive the same excellent service today that brought us on board all those years ago. Their friendly staff, and exceptional attention to detail makes them so easy to work with. I don’t ever have to be concerned about a payroll issue or rent being delivered on time. We outsource all of our accounting needs to them and have been very happy with the result. It’s one less thing, as a small business owner, to keep me awake at night!”